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Although we are not hoping for a merchandise to return, our goal is to give our online customer the 100 % satisfaction guarantee we promise to provide.

  • We respect the customer's  personal informations.We do not share our customer information to anybody but use it for marketing and communication purposes only.
  • We will try to resolved any issues regarding shipping and/or defective product to the satisfaction of our customer up to the cost of the original merchandise.
  • Merchandise with manufacturing defect will be replaced upon returned of the merchandise.Please e-mail us regarding the defective merchandise information. We will resolved this issue to your satisfaction.
  • If the product is damaged due to shipping companies' mishandling,claims should be directed to the shipping company. Please take a picture of the packages before opening. Most shipment will carry shipping insurance.
  • We will not bore responsibility for any damages the product/s may have caused due to misused or improper operations or reckless operations.
  • The products must be handled or operated with full operational knowledge and proper matured supervision.There are moving parts on this products and operator should be well aware of it.






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