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God has given us a vision to serve people beyond the four walls of our church.  We have partnered with several ministries to help us make a difference in the lives of the homeless, orphans, the poor, and under-resourced ministries.  Each year we receive an offering above our tithes for our “Beautiful Feet Fund”.  This fund has helped us make a difference in many lives.

Consider the story of Fatumata from Africa who has been touched by one of our partner ministries, “Liberia Now”.  Fatumata is 17 years old and has started 9th grade in high school through a scholarship provided by “Liberia Now”.  She could not attend school for several years because her parents could not afford her tuition.  We found Fatumata through friends in her community who attend church and invited her to join them.  Fatumata’s family is Muslim, and at first her family did not like Fatumata attending church.  Fatumata found out about the scholarships offered by “Liberia Now” and hoped she could get back in school to pursue her dreams of becoming a journalist.  When she got the scholarship, her family felt better about her attending church with her friends.  They were amazed that Christians would pay for a Muslim girl to go to school.  During this past year, Fatumata trusted in Jesus as her Savior and became baptized.  Her parents expressed joy in this decision since Christians had helped her go back to school and had given her hope for the future.  Isn’t that cool?

I’m asking you to pray about what your family can give toward our “Beautiful Feet Fund” this year.  In these uncertain financial times, I know that giving an extra offering will take a huge step of faith, but I feel like the needs of the people and ministries we support warrant that ask.

We will receive our “Beautiful Feet” offering on the weekend of December 12-13.  We will have special “Beautiful Feet” envelopes for you, or you can give online:  (
click here).

I pray the Lord will bless you for your generosity.


Brent Saathoff
Lead Pastor

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Emmanuel Lou lived in northern Liberia, as the war closed in on his home, he like many others, found themselves fleeing to Monrovia for safety. He was squeezed between the LURD rebels and Liberian Army north of the St. Paul river, in what is known as Upper Virginia, and forced into displaced camps by the UN.  Emmanuel survived the conflict and when the hostilities ended, Emmanuel said God had placed it in his heart to stay and pastor the survivors.  In March of 2009, he heard that two men from Liberia Now were in the area assessing and repairing the damaged water wells. He quickly walked over two miles, crossing a dry river bed and found Bob Parman and Don Graham, persuading them to come to his village and repair their wells.  The men followed him down the trails into the jungle to his village and he showed them the wells. He was cordial and understanding when they explained their wells were of a German design and manufacture and therefore would have to be completely replaced.  The men explained that they would return in October and replace the pumps. He had heard promises from other NGO's, but trusted God, and accepted the men's word.

On October 15th, I was with the Liberia Now repair team beginning the work rehabilitating a well in Passaqua Village, when I was approached by Emmanuel Lou, wearing a blue badge indicating that he was attending the pastor's conference sponsored by Liberia Now. After his greeting, he announced to me that "We serve an Awesome God, that God is a God of his word, Liberia Now was proof. You said you would come back to fix our wells and you did!".  He further went on to say that the teaching sessions taught on anger helped him immensely.  Pastor Lou gave me a tour of the village explaining they were a village of over 500 displaced people with a majority of them Muslims and about 200 hundred children half orphaned.  He showed me his church with pews of bamboo which also served a dual role as a one room school house where they teach kindergarten to third grade. 
The thatch roof and mud walls reminded me of a scene from the movie African Queen with Katherine Hepburn. The school and village lack food, clean water, and basic sanitary facilities and Emmanuel Lou keeps preaching and teaching trusting God.  By October 17th Liberia Now had finished rehabilitating the two wells, trained their Pastor, and gave school supplies to his school. God indeed, is an awesome God, and a God of his word. 


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